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Linda invites you to participate in “A Taylor Made Life”

Be inspired to become stronger and more capable in dealing with life’s unpredictability

In a cost effective way

 “A Taylor Made Life” is a 12 week on line program that nurtures an “I can do anything if I put my mind to it” mindset.   It is designed for you to follow your path in absolute faith, to be inspired by your deepest sense of inner knowing and to let nothing stop you from moving ahead.

“A Taylor Made Life” is my way of inspiring you to become stronger and more capable in dealing with life’s unpredictability in a cost effective way. 

The proven results for people are:

  • Happier, more powerful and healthier
  • Calmer and peaceful with a quieter mind
  • More confident and more focussed on what they need
  • Improved relationships, more loving with self and others
  • Attracting more abundance and prosperity
  • Awareness of how to live your purpose

Your life becomes easier with the ongoing discovery and release of the habits that are limiting you.

Learn how to:

  • spontaneously shift your focus to the positive
  • remove blockages that prevent you from achieving a positive mindset
  • automatically relaxed and be confident
  • commit to your purpose and to stay with it

Many clients have asked me “where to from here”? and “how do I keep feeling so good after Hypnotherapy”?       They have learnt to successfully replace limiting patterns and beliefs with more constructive ones.

The aim is to automatically be relaxed and confident, commit to your purpose and have the willingness to stay with it.  Practising techniques to shift your focus to the positive and remove blockages that prevent you from achieving a positive mindset ensures you remain successful in other endeavours.  

You know how difficult it can be to change patterns of thinking, feeling and acting but it is simple when you focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.   Easy change requires consistent, small amounts of effort then your mind will obediently take to where you want to go.

Why Does it Work?
88% of mind activity is unconscious and 12% conscious.  Through relaxation and altered states of consciousness you tap into the limitless resources in your unconscious mind. 

  • Develop FOCUS – mind strength for intention and clarity of thought
  • Explore ENERGY – emotional power, the fuel to reach your goals
  • Introduce SOUL – spiritual function for living your greater purpose


1.  Daily Emails

Daily emails are sent to you with quotes from old sages and teachers, a meditation practise and you are asked to complete simple exercises that set an intention and lesson for the day.  The exercises are not meant to be forced but rather presented in the spirit of allowing you to practise habits that give you more choice in any given moment.    These will be sent to you Monday to Friday and take between 5 to 40 minutes.

2. Training buddy

I will designate a Training Buddy to practise with what you learn.  It was not intended for you to go through life on your own but to make a contribution and work with others more and more.   It takes a 60 minute telephone call, once a week for 12 weeks to put in motion your skills to really listen to yourself and another being.   In the beginning it may be confronting however the exercises are highly structured to support you.   When you are honest and open about your thoughts and feelings it is easy to have a natural bond and through this way of connecting trust starts to form.

3. Session with Linda Taylor

You also have the opportunity for a one hour phone or face-to-face session with Linda Taylor in Module. This will allow you to deepen your learning and work through what is happening for you at that time.

Next Steps:

  1. Call me if you want to discuss how the program may benefit you specifically or if you would like more detail about the program
  2. Register now by email if you would like to join me on this empowering adventure with your name, contact details and selected Payment Option ( see below)
  3. Linda will contact you to confirm your registration

Payment Options:
Please deposit payment two weeks before the program begins

Payment accepted by internet Bank Transfer or Visa

1. Three payments due each month: 3 x $230
2. One payment with a 10% discount: $620

I look forward to sharing this uplifting journey with you as you continue to move at the speed of light into joy and a more successful life.

Warmth and Kindness



A Taylor Made Life

“Over the last few weeks I have noticed a difference in myself, creating new habits with my mindfulness of breath.  I am more patient with people, less angry, more confident and motivated.  I have a calmness with myself, a bigger smile and I see progress”   Matt Johnston

“My relationship with myself is beginning to improve.  I realise that what I think also matters and when I talk gently and think gently I and others around me feel better.  It has opened my eyes to simple yet effective exercises which I relate to.  Great work Linda – love the simplicity and poignancy of the program”  Delphine Allen

What’s working: breathing technique, listening to others without judgement, taking ownership of my thoughts, ideas and feelings, acknowledging intense emotion and doing something to deal with it there and then rather than suppressing it to be dealt with later, lapsing into a meditative state or relaxation whenever I want too.”  Annette Laarakkers


“I discovered my goal.  Training partners can understand that they are not alone and the person on the other end of the phone is on your side.”  Peta Kirby

“I have begun to develop friendships on a positive basis, dropping the agenda and connecting, without fear or ridicule.  Follow the process and you will gather more knowledge and understanding.  Keep an open mind and the lessons learnt are far more valuable than seeking out a participate outcome.”  Grace Martyn


“I have had some unexpected revelations about my thought-processes.  We (Training Buddy and I) followed your instructions and it felt like you were guiding us along and we both gained from bouncing off each other.  It was nice to get another person’s point of view, a natural bond or trust starts to form” Kathryn Dale

“It’s not for the faint hearted and be prepared to dig deep into your emotions.  Don’t be afraid of the challenges and trust in the course content and you will though” Annette Laarakkers

“I found it helped me be more peaceful, no need to overreact and I manage to think clearly before I act. I am not “predisposed to “jump the gun to judge” thus being more considerate and compassionate.  I never imagined it was going to help me be so peaceful and so aware of my feelings and needs.”  Sylvia Troccoli


“I am less stressed and started to notice effect on my body – my muscles are not so tight and sore.  I have become aware of the thinking loop and the need to resolve issues to stop the loop.”  Lorraine Pelham


“The seeker who sets out upon the way shines bright over the world”
Sayings from Buddha