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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Self Hypnosis Available on CD

The CD’s are designed for busy people. To be effective each track can be played independently or together, if time permits.

CD’s should be used to reinforce suggestions and post-hypnotic suggestions. It is a form of hypnosis and is best listened to daily until the desired changes are noticed.

For self hypnosis to work you must believe it will work, expect it to work, visualise and imagine it working and practice it. The more you use positive images in your mind, the easier it becomes for these images to become a reality.

When images of health, success, and life style changes are accepted by your subconscious mind, there is a tendency for these images to be realised and actualised.

If you visualise or imagine yourself doing whatever it is you desire, you begin to act, do, and think in ways to bring it about. Remember imagination and self-talk are critical for success.

Trance is a natural state we go in and out of throughout the day. You will able to awaken at any time throughout the CD and reorient yourself to full conscious awareness any time you choose.

How to Get the Best Out of Your CD

- Lie down or sit comfortably in a quiet place, subdued light may be helpful, rest your hands on lap or by your sides and remove contact lenses.
- Make a tight fist & release to register the changes from tension to relaxation
- Use head phones if available
- Listen to one track or both if time permits
- Open your eyes when CD is finished to reorient yourself


- CD’s should never be used while driving or operating equipment .
- It is best to listen to the CD when you awaken and when you go to sleep.
- Visualise your desired change and connect a feeling to it i.e. happy, confident
- Affirm yourself in the positive view
- You can use the CD when you are relaxing, on a plane, or waiting for an appointment


AVAILABLE ON CD 1. Relax, Be Optimistic and Succeed

Track One: Relax and Succeed Time: 10 minutes

Success is a genuine desire to accomplish your goal/s and achieve your best. The ingredients required are:

1. A commitment to your goal/s
2. Efficacy, a sense of personal control over external events, and
3. Optimism, a belief that change represents continuous challenges for further development


Track Two: Relax and Be Optimistic Time: 15 minutes

Optimism is a vital ingredient for mental and physical well being. Its presence or absence affects your level of depression / happiness, your coping skills and the potential for health / disease. It is grounded in three beliefs:

1. A positive view of yourself
2. A belief that you can exert control over your life
3. A belief that your life is meaningful


Price: $25.00 RRP
$20.00 Purchased on Line (contacting us by email)

(all prices Include GST)

CD 2 Easy Relationships with Friends and Lovers

Track One: Safe and Rewarding Relationships Time 15 minutes

Cooperation, mutuality and connectedness are vital to wellness. Learn to connect with others, to give and receive in a balanced way. Insecurity and constant demands for reassurance can aggravate even the most loving partner and eventually drive the person away. Jealously produces the very outcome the person is trying hardest to prevent. Fear of commitment and emotional unavailability can result in an addictive involvement.

The goals for safe and rewarding relationships are to:

- Pave the way for meaningful safe and rewarding relationships, and
- To break the destructive cycles that break down relationships and create what we most fear


Track Two: Peak Experiences Time 15 minutes

Peak experiences or cosmic consciousness are called enlightenment. You may have experienced peak experiences when making love, lost in the moment to the waves of sensation. It may have been when watching a sunset or sunrise or painting, hiking or playing sport.

It is a moment of undistracted, unselfconscious awareness. Our thoughts, perceptions and sensations synthesise and we feel completely at one with the universe and ourselves, nothing matters. We feel a sense of confidence and unselfconsciousness as we experience the inherent beauty and perfection of everything around us. We are filled with genuine tranquillity and we are in that moment living life to its fullest.

These moments are often associated with outstanding ideas and / or insights or accomplishments and can be stimulated intentionally. You can feel more focused and effective in daily activities and a sense of rebirth of the self is often described.Price: $25.00 RRP

$20.00 Purchased on Line (contacting us by email)

(all prices Include GST)



Works best when you have guidance from a professional hypnotherapist to ensure you are following the correct principles for hypnosis.

The best times are when you awaken and when you go to sleep, twice a day, or more if you have time.

Repeat, between 1 – 3 times, until you feel a change of state and relaxation
1. Lie down or sit comfortably in a quiet place, subdued light & soft music may be helpful, rest hands on lap or by your sides, remove contact lenses
2. Make a tight fist & release, register the changes from tension to relaxation
3. Breath in, hold for a count of 3-5 & exhale, repeat 3 times to relax
4. Count yourself down from 5…4…3…2…1
5. Repeat the words ‘deeper’ and ‘deeper’


Imagination & self talk

6. Visualise your desired change and connect a feeling to it i.e. happy, confident.
7. Affirm yourself in the positive view
8. Repeat affirmations 3 times
9. Work on one area / issue at a time for best results



Open your eyes and awaken