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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

About Linda Taylor


Linda has witnessed many remarkable changes in herself and others through the use of hypnotherapy and it’s odd what a mind will do when it wants to change a particular behaviour or achieve an outcome.

Take for example the painful cyst that Linda had on her hand that required an operation to remove. It disappeared over-night after Linda used self-hypnosis and she has the X-ray to prove it.

Linda's qualifications include:
  • Masters Adult Education
  • Bachelor Education
  • Diploma Teach
  • Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Masters Training Counselling
  • Certificate 1V Workplace Assessment and Training 
  • Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
  • Certified DiSC, MBTI, LSI
  • Certified Theta Trainer
Throughout her career in the public and private sector she has performed the role of educator, trainer and organisational change agent. Linda has used the principles of hypnosis to coach managers, executives and teams to reach and maintain their best performance.

“If you want to reach your maximum performance then hypnotherapy can help you get there” she says.

Linda has worked across a wide range of services from the para military, environmental conservation and educational institutes. She is passionate and inspires people and teams to be their best. We all know how challenging change can be and “ if the motivation and willingness is there then hypnosis is an efficient and effective tool for positive change. “ Linda says.

Linda has also used hypnosis in her personal life and has reached some great achievements. Back in 1996 Linda used self-hypnosis to win a world title in martial arts. “Learning hypnosis teaches you to expect results and to think big when it comes to change and self-empowerment, ” Linda said after winning yet another national title in martial arts using self-hypnosis.

Linda has used hypnosis over the past 20 years and has considerable experience in working with a range of issues, both medical and non-medical. She is now practising as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor in Gymea, Sydney. She has great success in dealing with issues related to smoking, weight management and other habits, releasing anxiety and panics attacks, facing fears and phobias, lifting depression, facing relationship issues and enhancing performance in sports and sport, study and the performing arts. Take Andrew, for instance.

Andrew, not his real name had bitten his nails since he was a child. After only one hypnotherapy session, his wife was able to give him a manicure, the first in his life. His only worry was not the pain caused from biting his nails until they bled, but rather the attention to trim his nails once a week as they continued to grow at a rapid rate.

“What people pay attention to becomes a reality and hypnosis allows the two minds, the conscious and subconscious, to believe the same message…. hence change occurs spontaneously” Linda says.

Libby, not her real name, had a fear of flying and had avoided many opportunities for holidays with her family. After three sessions she was able to reframe this fear into excitement and gradually desensitise the fear. She is now planning the next family holiday to Europe. Which will occur after the holiday to Fiji she recently booked.

“I am lucky enough to witness people make amazing changes to enhance their lives. It is always their minds that make the change and if the determination is there, I can guide them through the change” Linda says.

Linda has the added benefit of Masters Training in Creativity Counselling and blends hypnosis and counselling into each session giving her clients a unique and powerful change process that works.

Linda’s has a CD ”Relax, Be Optimistic and Succeed” that provides people with the opportunity to practise hypnosis at home. She also teaches self-hypnosis so that clients can reinforce the suggestions and empower themselves in the change process. “Listening to a hypnosis CD and practising self hypnosis trains the mind for permanent change and empowers people to take control of their life,” she says.

Jenny, for instance, had a volatile temper around her family and after listening to the CD over a four-week period noticed her response in family situations had changed. She was more calm and relaxed resulting in her being able to better problem solve and deal with conflict in a respectful way. This she attributed to listening to the CD.

Linda enjoys providing both individual and group hypnotherapy and is experienced in corporate environments where change and performance are key factors. “If the motivation is there, then hypnotherapy is a winning tool to assist people in reaching their desired goals”, Linda says.

Linda is a current member of:

AHA, the Australian Hypnotherapy Association, and IMDHA, American Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

1. How I became interested in hypnotherapy?

I was first introduced in my early twenties when I had an exam to sit that I had no understanding of the material. I was hypnotised and passed the exam with flying colours. This fascinated me and I thought how useful hypnosis could be in my life.

As well I used self-hypnosis to give up smoking. It was very effective and I am pleased to say that I am still a non-smoker. I used self-hypnosis for sports performance at the world level winning a world title in martial arts and then a national title.

2. What are the keys to self-hypnosis?

Where attention goes energy flows. So, expect it to work and it will, believe it to work and it can, imagine and visualise it working and it works, practice daily, it only takes 5 minutes of your day.

3. What are the main benefits you have found for hypnosis?

Re-educating myself to relax has given me more clarity of mind and in problem solving. I no longer become agitated with daily life issues as I used to. I am now much more calm and relaxed and appreciate life’s beauties. I feel more in control of my life and have the confidence that I can change that that is no longer working for my greatest good.


Hypnosis can enhance and can change lives. You can experience greater happiness, achieve peak performance, or heighten creativity. When people experience joy and suddenly realise that have permission to that experience, depression and anxiety can rapidly disappear.

Emotional, physical and mental well-being are available to everybody however they can be interrelated and reverberate with a body / mind connection. It is critical that you learn to relax and then watch how your relationship with life’s event changes, you respond in a much more calm and peaceful manner.

The power of suggestion is the most useful and practical way to train mind-sets to experience a lifetime of control and to get the results you desire. The effects are cumulative, the more you practise and use post-hypnotic suggestions, the more permanent the results will be. Some suggestions stay with the individual indefinitely and others require reinforcement.

Linda practises Hypnotherapy and Counselling at:

MIRANDA: Southpoint Health, 22/19-21 Central Road Tel: 95244620

BOTANY: Unit 20/ 12-28 Daphne Street, Botany, Tel:9316 6686 / 0411355052

The Services Linda offers include:

Individual Hypnosis Programs
Past Life Regression
Self Hypnosis CD
Group Hypnosis Programs
Theta Healing


NSW Worker’s Compensation
Linda is Work cover approved for treatment and Counselling of issues caused through work or employment by NSW Worker’s Compensation:
  • Stress management
  • Insomnia and sleep related issue
  • Relationships
  • Limiting habits
  • Anxiety and panic


Motor Accidents Authority (MAA)
Treatment is covered by Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance for issues related to motor vehicle accidents for:
  • Stress management and anxiety when driving
  • Post Trauma Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Pain relief
  • Panic / fear of driving