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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy changes lives

It is odd what a mind will do when it wants to change behaviour.

Take Mary for instance

Mary, not her real name, had been smoking since her earl teens.
By the time she hit her late 30's she had a heart condition and the doctor told her the cigarettes had to go.
She tried the usual things like willpower and patches but the habit wouldn't budge.

So she went to Linda Taylor, a Gymea Hypnotherapist, to see if a bit of hypnosis could help.

Four sessions down the track Mary was able to kick her habit, replacing it with exercise.
"If people want to change their behaviour the hypnotist can guide them through the change, but the motivation has to be there," Linda said.

"They have to want to give up smoking-and it is important to find a positive replacement otherwise they might turn to something negative, like overeating."

While Mary's greater subconscious mind decided on exercise as a fair replacement, others took up munching carrots, flicking an elastic band on the wrist, or visualizing a stop sign or special smoke-free environment.

Linda can also help with depression; stress management, work and study performance and self esteem issues. One of her specialties is helping people through study difficulties and relationship break0ups.


James, for instance, went to pieces when his girlfriend left him.

They had been together since high school and he was having difficulty getting through the day, unable to concentrate at work, sport or to begin a new social life. By working through the three stages of optimism Linda was able to get him to get a positive view of himself and his environment.

"If the motivation is there hypnotherapy is a winning tool to assist people in reaching their desired goals," Linda said.

"Learning hypnosis teaches you to expect results and to think big when it comes to change and self-empowerment."


As well as helping others, Linda is also able to help herself.

Back in 1996 she used self-hypnosis to win a world title in martial arts and has used hypnosis as an educator and corporate trainer.

"To change we must believe that we can and hypnosis helps you release the resources needed to resolve underlying issues that prevent the required changes," she said.

Linda is available for individual appointments and group programs.
Details: MindWorks Hypnotherapy and Counselling Centre on 9524 9699.