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Past Life Regression

Hypnotic regression is a journey back in time to recover memories and explore events from the past.  It is profound transformative work.  All your experiences from birth and even before birth are recorded in your body, mind and soul.

In a past life regression you move back in time using hypnotic regression techniques to bring new perspectives and healing in a way no other therapy can do.

Past life regression uses hypnotic suggestions to move you into a deeper state of hypnosis or theta brain wave state.   Hypnotic regression is not at all like trying to remember, it is a state of not trying.   One of the common reasons for a person not regressing is that they are trying too hard to remember.   It is best to invite the conscious mind to relax and let the memories float up from the subconscious mind in an effortless way.

Benefits can You Expect.

* Eliminate habits
* Identify and change negative patterns that cause havoc in your life today
* New insight and healing around those inexplicable feelings, powerful attractions to events and / or people
* Reconnect with good feelings from the past
* Heal childhood trauma
* Re-experience desired feelings and abilities
* Understand those powerful attractions or fascinations
* Review lifetimes of love lost and eternal promises to partners
* Reclaim your power
* Resolve relationship issues
* Release a fear or phobia
* Identify and clear a source of an illness
* Understand more about who you are and your origins

Clear any limiting contracts, agreements and promises you may have made that are causing problems in this lifetime


Eliminate Survival Strategies

Often when you have limited options available you learn to survive the unbearable in ingenious ways.   When you carry these survival strategies into adult life they can wreak havoc.  

Enigmatic feelings about a person, place, situation or event are often the residual of some past experience that is carried in the deeper parts of your mind, body or soul, and beyond your full understanding or awareness.   These residual feelings may manifest as fears, phobias, dislikes or powerful attractions or fascinations.   Regressing to the origins of these powerful and mysterious feelings can bring new insight and healing.

You can explore and clear many promises, contracts and agreements you made in past lives.  Often due to some life experience you make contracts, promises and agreements with yourself, someone else or even a higher power.   These contracts make sense at the time you made them but when carried over into this lifetime they can cause problems.  Making an eternal promise to your loved one to wait for him / her to return from war.   If he / she did not return you carry that promise into all other lifetimes and refuse to commit to anyone in this lifetime who is not that soul reincarnated.   When these are resolved you can feel a great sense of release and freedom.

Regression therapy can be used to reconnect with some beneficial feeling or ability.   Going back to a time in childhood or beyond where you felt totally free, to a time of great calmness and confidence, going back to a past life as a concert pianist, are all profound therapeutic opportunities to reclaim feelings and abilities from your past to assist you in the present.

An initial sensitising event (ISE) is the original event or one of the original events that occurred in your life or lives that has led to the development of some pattern, belief or association.   These events are often long “forgotten” and may have even seemed insignificant to you at the time they occurred.   However an ISE is like a seed that over time can sprout and grow beneath the awareness of the fertile ground of the subconscious mind, until it becomes a noticeable problem in your life.

In regression therapy we search for the ISE and resulting patterns, beliefs and associations that have developed as a result.   We then clear these and replace them with the patterns, beliefs and association you desire to live the life you want.

Inner Child and In-utero/Prenatal Regression

Inner childhood regression and in-utero/prenatal regression are special journeys back in time.  Even moving beyond conception, a sort of life-between-life time.   These regressions can lead to amazing revelations and great healing.    For most the womb is a very safe, warm and loving place.  Many describe feelings of floating, being wrapped in a blanket, and comfortable tight feelings.  Some describe it as a reddish filtered light around them.  Many feel a pulsing or report hearing a constant heartbeat.  Many clients describe the details of events that were happening outside the womb while they were developing.   Sometimes your current fears are linked to a time when in the mother’s womb.   You can experience your mother’s fears and then separate them from who you are or want to be.

Past life Regression

Past life regression is a wonderful process on the healing journey.  When you have tried everything to resolve a problem, past life regression can often provide the insight and answers for true healing.  It is an especially effective process for resolving fears and phobias, relationship problems, health concerns, old patterns and compulsive behaviour.

It is a fascinating experience.  You may think is this real or imagined?  I believe most regressions are a true recall of past life experience.    One of the more convincing experiences I had that led me to believe in the possibility of past life recall was:

My client came for a past life regression.   He worked as a Business Coach and was given a new project brief that involved coaching business teams in Japan.  He did not speak Japanese and needed to.   He had purchased some tapes and educational material to start learning Japanese but wanted to learn at a fast pace.     He regressed to a recent past lifetime as a Japanese person.    The session was taped and in hypnosis he spoke Japanese.    He took this tape to a Japanese friend who translated what he said in Japanese into English.    When he was in Japan with his new clients a Japanese businessman commented on how my client’s Japanese accent was natural, as though he was born in Japan.

Journey Between Lives

A journey to the death scene of a past life into spirit where you meet your guides, loved ones, council of wise beings and explore your current life’s purpose, growth as a soul, karmic lessons and more.

If you have ever wondered what happened to you after death then this is an experience not to be missed.    The memories of what happened to you are recorded in your subconscious mind and replayed on request while in hypnosis.   This helps you to live your life in a much more conscious and meaningful way.

Can Everyone Regress?

Yes, but not everyone is successful the first time.  There are number of reasons that you may not regress to a past life.   The most common reason for not going back is that you are not ready to see what is there.  There is a safeguard in your subconscious mind that will not allow past life memories to come if you are not ready to see what happened.

Another common reason for not regressing is that you may have so much to deal with in this life now, that you cannot yet handle more work until the present concerns are resolved.

Most everyone is capable of regressing to a past life or many past lives.   It does not seem to have anything to do with religious beliefs or spiritual orientation.  Many Catholics, Jews, Atheists and many a doubting Thomas have regressed.  Believe it or not, most have wonderful past life regressions.